Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Then and Now

When Little Butt was in dance class over the summer, I would take a book with me to each class so I would have something to do while I waited for her to finish up.

Since I tend to read about a book every week or two, I ended up taking my Nook at one point.

I got to talking with a couple other moms about the benefits of having the Nook versus paper books.

I found out the one of the moms was a part of a local book group. I exclaimed how fun that sounded and told her about my virtual book group. Right before the kids were released from class, she asked if the book group was something I would be interested in joining. I quickly said "YES!" and gave her my information so she could contact me.

The following Monday, I had Baby N. A couple weeks went by and I thought for sure I would never hear from her again since I never went back and the classes ended. Fortunately, that wasn't the case!

Last week, I attended my first book group meeting with this new group. I've never been a part of a book group that I didn't help found and that wasn't made up of my friends.

It was interesting and exciting to walk into a home full of new people to talk about books!

We read The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. I loved this book so much that I ended up reading the author's other 3 books before attending the meeting. (The Girl Who Chased the Moon was my favorite)

One of the questions that we discussed was about how the characters in the novel were fighting against the views other people have of them based on who they used to be in high school. They couldn't escape their former selves because everyone knew them as a particular way in high school and didn't allow them to grow beyond that.

The question asked how we were different, or the same, from who we were in high school. This question has had me thinking a lot lately.

I am absolutely NOT who I was in high school. It's actually pretty crazy.

I used to be crazy super shy. I wouldn't talk to anyone. I would bribe my little sister to call and place pizza orders because I would have anxiety attacks about talking to a stranger.

I couldn't go anywhere by myself either. I always had to have someone with me. (Though I still prefer to have someone with me, it isn't mandatory now).

I am SO different that people are shocked to learn who I used to be.

I have to say though, I like who I am now. I like that I can make friends wherever I go. I talk to anyone and everyone.

I have met people walking into my doctor's office, sitting in a dance studio and waiting to drop Little Butt off at school. I have gone to spouse coffees on my own and met fabulous people there. I've even hooked up with someone on a recommendation from another friend and found a sister for life. (By the way, y'all should go follow my dear friend Danielle)

There are so many opportunities I missed back in the day because I was too shy to pursue something more.

I am glad I have changed. I think it's definitely for the better.

How about you? Are you different from who you were in high school? Are you happy with who you are now??
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