Friday, September 16, 2011

Private Murphy Strikes Again!

Hi guys!! ::waves enthusiastically::

I've missed you guys!! 

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I haven't been having the BEST time lately.

Let me catch you up.

The Hubble came home Labor Day weekend to surprise his family who were in town. The weekend was great, but way too short, as usual.

He left and his family left a few days later.

Then I found out that Baby N had a mass in his neck. I was pretty devastated for about 24 hours until we got the mass scanned and got the results back. There is nothing scarier than thinking that your baby has cancer. I kept thinking that I had been through so many emotions to get to the point where I was head over heels for this boy...just for him to be taken from me???

Luckily, that's not the case. 

He has something called Torticollis. It's basically that his neck is twisted and the muscle is bunched up. He is not able to turn his head to the left (Zoolander anyone???). I took him to physical therapy and I've been working on helping him stretch and strengthen the muscle. I've already seen an improvement in just a few days. He is already looking straight ahead more. He doesn't cry as much as he did the first day and his head turns further left now than it did the first day.

Hopefully we will get this issue resolved quickly.

And apparently, if it's not the baby who is broken, it's me!

I was walking Little Butt up to her school a few days ago (while carrying the baby in his carseat/carrier) and I stepped in a hole I didn't see. I twisted my ankle and scraped up my knee really bad.

I decided to go to the ER because I didn't want to wait around to see if it would get better on its own since I have the baby. This is what it looked like:

And this was the outcome of my ER visit:

It's not broken, just sprained. And it's annoying. I have to be on crutches. And those things hurt my hands and under my arms.

Oh yeah, I also got a tetanus shot thanks to my scraped up knee!

Luckily, I moved closer to family and my niece has been over the last few days to help me out. I can't very well carry around a baby while on crutches. Grrr!!

So that's the haps over here for now. It could always be worse!

I miss you guys and hope to get back to blogging soon. Until then...miss me!!
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