Friday, March 4, 2011

My Mother is a Jerk


Love you mom!!

But really...she is a jerk.

She called me yesterday morning...waking me up by the way!

Here's how our conversation went:

Mom: Are you awake?

Me: I am now...

Mom: Let's pretend you are here in Austin already. I'm going to take the afternoon off so we can go to lunch, get manicures and pedicures then go see a movie.

Me: ooookkkkaaaayyyyy....

Mom: We can even take Little Butt to lunch with us, she can get her nails done, then your sister can watch her when we go see a movie. Where do you want to go to lunch?

Me: Why are you being so mean??

Mom: Around my work we have Panera, Olive Garden, Red Lobster...

Me: Oh I know. Pappasitos!

Mom: Do we have one of those! Yes we do! Okay. What movie do you want to go see??

Me: I don't even know what's playing. And this is pointless anyway.

Mom: Okay. Well I'm at work now. I'll talk to you later.

Me: Okay. See you this afternoon!!

After this conversation, knowing that this isn't a possibility for another couple months, I pretty much felt like this:

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