Monday, August 2, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

Oh my goodness.




Let's just say the weekend was full of shindigs and shenanigans and this is the first time since, maybe Thursday, that I've been able to stop. (Technically Wednesday since I spent all day deep cleaning my house). Unfortunately, that means my blog and my Google Reader have been neglected for several days because of this weekend's events.

It all started Thursday evening when I spent about 6 hours in the kitchen working on my Daring Cook's challenge then making some bacon onion cheddar biscuits for The Hubble's class the next morning. I figured they made it through a pretty stressful week of OPORD so they deserved a little something.

The next day, Friday, we had plans for some new friends to come over for dinner. So Friday was full of cooking then hanging out with our newest friends. Many bottles of wine were consumed (2 by me) and we had a fantastic time.

However, the many bottles of wine resulted in a very sleepy Maranda on Saturday. Luckily, The Hubble took kitchen duty Saturday morning while I got ready for my cake class that afternoon. I still had a couple things to get finished before we drove an hour and a half to "town" so I could attend my class. Yeah. I fell asleep on the way there...and the way back.

Sitting in class was okay. I did better this time than I have the previous couple of times. Probably because I needed to focus more to get anything done. After class, we went to Red Lobster for dinner. It was pretty much the best dinner ever! By the way, if you have never tried their Stuffed Flounder, you definitely should!

Once we got back we called it a fairly early night (that for me means before midnight) before we had to get up the next morning and start running again.

See...I have this crazy habit of not being able to say no. Especially when it comes to challenges. So I kind of double booked us. We had plans for a cook out with The Hubble's friends at 1pm then needed to be at my friend's house for a meatball throwdown at 6:30pm. If you have ever watched Bobby Flay you know what kind of throwdown I'm talking about. Like I said, I have a problem backing down from a challenge.

So I wake up on Sunday and have to make a pasta salad, meatballs (for the first time ever), marinara sauce, and silly me decided I would definitely have enough time to make a dessert too!

Everything is going good. I get the pasta salad started. I get the cupcakes baking. And I start the meatballs and marinara. The marinara tasted awesome and I cooked a bit of the meatball meat to make sure it was perfect! It was delicious! I threw those in the slow cooker so they could cook while we were gone.

I jumped in the shower and enlisted The Hubble's help to chop the rest of the stuff for the pasta salad. Then I finished up the cupcakes. We got everything done on time, early since we had to then go pick up the Polish student as well so he could go to the party too.

The cook out was awesome. I met some new ladies and talked more with some I hadn't gotten to know very well yet. It's really a shame we won't be here very long because The Hubble has some amazing people in his course. We had a really good time. Little Butt even had fun splashing through the sprinkler with the boys then searching for tigers in the "jungle."

Sadly, things started going down hill when the guys started chugging the beers (as guys will do). I ended up having to become that wife to get The Hubble out of there. That means, I had to get mad. When I went out for the fourth time to get the keys I heard him tell his friends as I walked away "uh-oh. She's pissed. I gotta go." Of course, by this point it was already 10 past 6pm and we had to take the Polish student home, go back to the house and grab the meatballs and cupcakes and head over to the meatball throwdown.

Needless to say, we were late. We rolled in around 7pm. We pulled into the driveway and The Hubble quickly jumped out of the car and ran to the woodline to rid himself of his lunch...and beer. It was actually pretty funny but I think I pretty much divorced him right then and there.

And what was even more wonderful about the day was that my meatballs...yeah...they burned. Low doesn't mean low, it means 'keep warm.' It made me sad. I didn't win the throwdown. I was so disappointed. But I redeemed myself with my dessert. You curious?? What better for a meatball throwdown than:

 Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes!!! They were fun to make and looked awesome (sorry for the crappy phone pic).

We left there around 10:30pm and headed home for bed. Sadly, this morning I woke up to a couple days worth of kitchen mess (because you know The Hubble didn't actually finish the entire kitchen, just a dishwasher load's full).

And that's my story!

How was your weekend? What did you do?
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