Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Question for You

I have a question for you. Yes you. My dear reader.

Let me start off by saying that I am the type of person who has many varied interests. I enjoy drawing, knitting and scrapbooking. I've been interested in photography lately. I also love to cook and bake.

I enjoy learning and developing new skills. Whether they be creative, academic or any other. If it's new, I like to learn more about it. I just love to learn.

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to hone my writing skills. I bought a book called Wild Mind on the recommendation from a friend. This book has many writing prompts and ideas scattered throughout the book for the reader/writer to try out.

One of the suggestions in the book is to have a writing group where you each exchange your work and critique one another's writing.

So...I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this through our blogs. We could call it Wild Mind Mondays. I was thinking we could do one writing exercise from the book each month, maybe on the first Monday of the month. I could set up a Mr. Linky so we could all link up and go read and critique each other's writing. Almost like exchanging papers but virtually.

The only thing is that either everyone would have to purchase a copy of the book or I could set up an email list to send out the writing exercise of the month.

Does this make sense? Is anyone interested in this type of writing group? Let me know what you all think.

Also! Please don't forget to post your Wordless Wednesday: The Boots Edition tomorrow and link it up here! I can't wait to see all of your pictures! If you missed the announcement about this you can find it HERE.
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