Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Week Update and Song of the Week

I feel like all I'm ever blogging lately is updates.

Although, people keep telling me that I kind of have an excuse right now.

I guess having a two week old baby is an excuse?? LOL!

I've been so nervous about the little guy because he eats ALL. THE. TIME!

He's 2 weeks old and he's already eating 4 ounces every 3 hours. And now...he's starting to act like that's not even enough.

When I took him to his 2 week checkup, I told them he has a worm or something and he had gained 5 pounds! It turns out I'm crazy (DUH!) and he's only gained 1 pound and 1 inch. Overly dramatic much mom???

The Hubble was able to come home to meet the little man. I have to say that both he and Little Butt are huge fans! But so am I.

The other big thing that has happened lately is that Little Butt started school!! It's only Pre-K but it's still real school. Not daycare. School.

She stands in line and I leave her to figure things out on her own.

I think the cutest thing I've ever seen is her carrying her own freaking lunch tray!!!

She even has a best friend that she eats lunch with every day. Where the heck did the time go?? How is she old enough to go to school already??

Okay. I have to stop or I'm going to cry! LOL!!

Can we go back to when she was this little bitty thing, safe and sound in Daddy's arms??? Please???

And because we've been going through all this stuff this week. I know exactly which song I want to share with you. This song was a major theme for us when I first got pregnant with Little Butt.

Calm down my heart, don't beat so fast
Don't be afraid, just once in a lifetime

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Have you faced any milestones recently? How did you handle them?
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