Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have You Noticed??

What a slacker I've been?? LOL!!


Oh...that's because you don't live with me.

So you haven't noticed how I let my dishes pile up until we can't see the sink anymore.

You also haven't noticed how I haven't been cooking/baking as much as before vacation.

About that...did you know I have a food blog? No? I keep having people from this page find me and saying "I didn't know you had a food blog!" Well. I'm here to tell you...I do. It's called Jolts & Jollies. I share recipes of all kinds over there. So...if you are hungry...go check it out!

By the way...this is probably going to be a pretty random post.

Okay...back to my slackerdom.

Have you heard of that site 'texts from last night'?'s my version:

Conversations from last night:

The Hubble: Is it already the 9th??

Me: Yes.

The Hubble: We have been home for a month already.

Me: Oh yeah?

The Hubble: Your suitcase is still sitting here unpacked.

Me: Oh.

Luckily, I have the best Hubble in the world. I walked into the room (with no intention whatsoever of unpacking my suitcase) and found that the suitcase was gone! The Hubble asked me if I noticed anything missing.

Me: Yes dear. Thanks for taking care of that for me.

What a doll!

I think my problem is the cold. We went from warm, sunny, beautiful Texas to negative degree weather. We've been snowed in for a week and a half (off and on...but I'm being dramatic here).

I keep missing my workouts so my body isn't stimulated (don't be dirty).

I've been reading crap so my mind isn't stimulated.

Little Butt and I have been stuck in the house together...and we are getting on each other's nerves.

I'm so ready to move! I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere anymore. I'm done.

We did drag ourselves out of the house this past Saturday though.

Little Butt was invited to a birthday party. It was a pool party. She seriously had THE BEST time swimming. Her and The Hubble stayed in the pool for hours. I'm thinking her party is going to have to be at this place. Too bad she will only have a couple friends here by then.

But I don't think she'll notice since she'll be no worries there.

After the pool party, we came home and made a snowman! Kinda...

Things started well. I didn't think I had ever made a snowman before. But I quickly figured it out.

Little Butt was a big help in gathering...

And shaping the snow.

When it got too big mommy had to roll it. Thanks for the awesomely horrible picture of me babe!

Then it was time to put daddy to work!

We used almonds for the eyes. Daddy went and found the arms...can you tell?

The nose was a hazelnut (yes I was using my container of mixed nuts...what of it??) and the mouth was chocolate chips.

Isn't he cute???

By then...I'm gonna take a chance and say Little Butt was done!

Except we can let her go in without giving us a smile! Goofball!

We felt very accomplished, and tired, after that so we went inside.

The little snowman started to melt after a few days and he just got skinnier and skinnier.

Then it snowed again.


What about you? Is there snow where you are? Are you enjoying it or hoping beyond hope that it will go away quickly??
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