Monday, January 24, 2011

You Wanna Know What Makes Me Mad??

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Military discounts...that's what.

No seriously. Wait. Let me explain.

Oh. And I should probably warn you that this is going to be a "rant post" so if you don't want to read one of those...I would advise you to walk away. ;-)

I'm not against military discounts...don't get me wrong.

I actually think they are pretty groovy.

What makes me angry is when the discount is solely for the active duty member.

Let me back up a little bit. 

On Sunday, The Hubble, Little Butt and I went out for brunch with some friends. We had a lovely time. The food was pretty good. The serving staff was phenomenal (if not a little too friendly). 

When the server was ready to ring up our tickets, she came and asked if my friend and I were military or just the men. See...they give a 15% discount at this restaurant to active duty personnel only. 

That's totally awesome!

But why wouldn't it extend to the spouse who is sitting right next to the active duty member? Especially if the active duty member is the one paying for everyone who is with him??

For the longest time, this didn't bother me at all. 

Until 2009 when The Hubble went to hang out in Afghanistan for the year. 

My stepmother and I went to a movie theater who offered military discounts. When I showed them my ID card they told me that the discount was for active duty military only. My response?? Well...he's away at war right now so he can't be here to pay for this movie ticket.

Now, again, don't get me wrong. I'm not looking for a handout. I rarely even think to ask if there is a military discount available. 

What makes me mad is when an establishment offers a military discount but does not extend it to family members. 

When we spouses are left home to take care of the children, the households, the finances and the well being of everyone who is not deployed with the feels like a slap in the face to be told "sorry, but you don't do enough to warrant this discount. We only give it to the ones who do the actual work." 

That's all. Thanks for listening. Rant over.
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