Friday, January 21, 2011

Sleep, Interrupted

I have never been one for the co-sleeping thing.

You know...where the whole family sleeps in the same bed.

When I was pregnant with Little Butt, I was adamant that we would never let her sleep with us.

Well, we always say things without really knowing exactly what we would do when put in that situation right??


When Little Butt was an itty bitty baby and she would wake up at 4am, I caved and would pull her up from her bassinet and have her sleep on my chest. We usually were able to get a few more hours of sleep that way.

Sleep = important!

When we moved here, Little Butt was 3 (still is for now). We put her toddler bed together and she was able to get up and down whenever she wanted.

Well, my kid is freaking good when is comes to sleep. I put her down, and except for less than a handful of times...kind of like 2 times, she stays where we put her. She doesn't try to get up after she is put to bed.

A few months after living here, you can imagine how shocked I was when she came to my room in the middle of the night. I didn't know what to do!

So I pulled her in bed with us.

The Hubble and I talked about it the next day. He said I should have taken her back to bed. I said as long as it's a rare occurance I'm cool with it.

I actually find it kind of cute. Every other week or so, Little Butt will come to our room and sleep with us.

She never starts out with's usually sometime between 3am-5am.

No big deal right??

Well, for some reason, this past week she has decided she's "scared."

She has come to our room almost every night over the past week.

The first night I thought it was no big deal. I mean, this is what she does right??

Well, when she came in the next night...sorry kid. Time to go back to your room.

I took her potty, got her a drink and put her back to bed.

Now, yesterday morning at about 5am she came into the room. The sun was already up and I was terrified she was going to try to convince me it was "morning time" and that I would need to get up.

So I pulled her in bed with me, expecting the worst, but she fell back asleep. Sweet!

However, this morning at about 5am, she came in again.

Sorry kid. Potty, water, back to bed.

Maybe she is just trying to readjust to being back home after 3 weeks away.

I don't know where this "scared" stuff is coming from though.

I mean, this is the kid that says she so brave she kills dragons. Since when is she scared of the dark??

And shouldn't she be scared at 8:30pm when she goes to bed and not just in the wee hours of the morning when she wants to sleep with us??

I do hope this is just a phase though.

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